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Travel writing

RTE Radio One World Report: From Morocco

Hear a three-minute radio essay on drownings of migrants in the Mediterranean, as broadcast on RTE Radio One’s World Report on Saturday July 26. This report was made possible by a grant from the Simon Cumbers Media Challenge Fund.

In Spain: Two sweet wines

Published in Magill, June/July 2008 Sunday comes. There was talk of the weather turning, but it hasn’t. The wind blows cold and low, the Levante, south east across Spain, finding its way between the buildings and down the narrow streets of Tarifa, and blowing the kite surfers out to sea. We have promised ourselves an… read more +

In Spain: The wind also rises

Published in the Sunday Tribune She was a few months pregnant when the idea struck. “Let’s go to Spain.” For a holiday? “For a few months. In the spring. While it’s still cold here. While I’m on maternity leave.” “But what about my job?” I asked. And then I stopped. I don’t have a job…. read more +