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Interviews with Irish writers, and other figures from public life

From the archive: An interview with Ulick O’Connor, Irish writer

Ulick O’Connor, once famous for something literary, vaguely remembered, sits in his three-storey Victorian home in Rathgar, surrounded by books and mementos. He writes, still, and manages his archives, and fulminates about the lies and ineptitude of those in power, and involves himself in theatre. He is welcoming but tired. “I’ve had a terrible three… read more +

Peter Sheridan’s 47 Roses

“If there’s a Mr Sheridan on board, could he please make himself known?” The bus had just arrived in Derry from Dublin, and Peter Sheridan was sitting down the back. He assumed they were looking for somebody else. But nobody else responded and so, as he got off the bus, Sheridan asked were they looking… read more +

Mike Daisey’s theatre of protest

Mike Daisey’s bid to understand the global financial crisis took him not to the heart of Wall St, or the City of London, or the hedge fund mecca of Dublin’s IFSC, but to a tiny volcanic island in the middle of the Pacific. The story of how, and why, he got there makes up what… read more +

Remembering John Mortimer

Colin Murphy recalls interviewing John Mortimer in 2005 For Prospect Magazine, 19 January 2009 “I’ve got a bouncy Jesus somewhere,” said John Mortimer. He sat at a writing desk cluttered with little plastic figurines: Shakespeare, Freud, and numerous Jesuses. His eyes sparkled behind inch-thick glasses, and he slumped a little in his chair.

John Mortimer

John Mortimer sits ensconced at his writing desk in his study, a folder of typed sheets lying open in front, the walls lined with books and pictures, a clutter of pens and dusty knick knacks on the desk. And some plastic figurines. “Oh that’s Shakespeare and Freud, and lots of Jesuses. I’ve got a bouncy… read more +